Responsible Sourcing

We realize stable procurement of paperboard by taking advantage of manufacturing paperboard at our multiple sites in Japan and overseas.

Responsible Sourcing

Responsible sourcing as a total system supplier, our group is developing businesses that make the most of the “trees”, renewable resource, as a comprehensive biomass company shaping the future with trees. We own or manage approximately 160,000 hectares* of forests in Japan and overseas, and operate environmentally friendly businesses at each stage of the product life cycle from sourcing of raw material to production, recycling/reuse, and disposal. Our beverage carton business is, as a total system supplier, responsible for everything from sourcing of raw material to production and recycling in order to build a sustainable society. *as of December 2021

  • Responsibility

    Sustainable forest resource procurement

    We produce several products that contribute to building a sustainable society by making maximum use of renewable wood resource with various technologies and expertise. The use of wood resources is indispensable for us, and we have a system to continuously procure wood resources generated from sustainably managed forest.


    The procurement of wood resources involves not only domestic and foreign suppliers, but also many people, including local communities and government agencies. Based on this social and environmental relationship, we believe it is important to work with our suppliers to establish a sustainable supply chain while giving consideration to the forest ecosystem, local communities, and occupational safety and health where we operate.

  • Responsibility

    Strength of Nippon Paper Group

    We can manufacture and process paperboard at our factory. In particular, Nippon Dynawave Packaging Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: USA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nippon Paper), which manufactures, processes, and sells paperboard for beverage carton and cup, utilizes the technology and know-how required for paperboard and optimizes for each product use. Toyota Motors, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Motors.

    In this way, producing paperboard within the group is a strength unique to us. Not only we can procure most of the paperboard internally, but we can also improve quality and make development proposals that meet customer needs. In addition, we secure a stable supply of our products by procuring from outside the group as well.

  • Responsibility

    Dedication to paperboard quality

    We are dedicated to the quality of paperboard for beverage cartons. The balance of softwood and hardwood is important for producing high quality paperboard, because softwood and hardwood pulp have different properties. In general, softwood pulp has long and durable fibers, and hardwood pulp has short and fine texture fibers. We produce high-quality beverage cartons with high-quality paperboard that has advantage of both fibers by utilizing different property of fibers.

  • Responsibility

    Obtained forest certification in all of our own forests

    Deforestation, forest deterioration and illegal logging became serious problems on a global scale since late 20th century. Therefore, Nippon Paper Group established the “Philosophy and Basic Policy Concerning Raw Materials Procurement” in 2005, and has promoted sustainable forest resource procurement in consideration of the environment and society.

    In addition, we are conducting sustainable forest management based on this policy in our own forests, and at the end of 2008, we obtained forest certification for all our own forests in Japan and overseas, and we maintain it.
    There are several major forest certification systems, and we obtain the system that is considered to be the most suitable for each country/region without sticking to a specific forest certification system.